Mud Week Two and Three – Summer Camp 2023

 In Summer Camp

We had an amazing end to Summer Camp 2023 with Mud Week Two and Mud Week Three! These students learned all about working with clay and created their very own unique hand-built pieces. Students made a total of four hand-built pieces and one finished wheel thrown piece.

Students learned all about the complete clay journey. All pieces go from wet clay, then need to dry completed, then fired to bisque, then students will come back to paint them and they will be fired one final time in the kilns!

Students learned each day all the steps in how to create on the pottery wheel. First starting with centering the clay, then opening and pulling the walls, and on the final day putting these steps together to create a finished piece!

We can’t wait to see all the students finished and painted creations! Once all pieces are fired and parents are notified they are ready for painting, kids and parents can come in any time we are open to paint their creations for no extra charge!

Thank you for such an amazing end to Summer Camp 2023! We can’t wait to see you back for Fall Camp starting in October!

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