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Can I bring adult beverages?

Yes.  You may bring adult beverages into our open studio or during an adult party in our private party room. Beer, Wine or Champagne can be brought in and we have corkscrews and bottle openers, so you don’t have to worry about bringing those.

There is also an adjoining store, Next Door Novelties, with beer, wine, sake and mead for purchase.

Do I need to make a reservation for the open studio?

Groups of four or less are welcome to drop in any time during open hours for our walk-in art activities in our open studio. Reservations are always recommended for groups of five or more.

Weekends and school holidays can be very busy, therefore, we suggest making a reservation to guarantee your table, especially if your group is of five or more.  There will be a $20 deposit required on all open studio table reservations with a 48 hour minimum cancellation period for full refund. This deposit will be deducted from your final total at time of checkout and a table or tables will be reserved for your group for the time slot specified.


Where is the best place to park?

We have street parking available as well as a parking garage behind our building. You can enter through the back entrance if you park in the parking garage.  If you are doing a quick pickup/dropoff, you can pull up to our back gate for a few minutes to come in and pickup/dropoff.


How much time should I plan to spend at the studio?

In our open studio area, you can come in any time and stay as long as you like. We do not charge for time. On average, our guests spend an hour and a half to two hours. Kids under age five will probably be finished in 45 minutes. We have had groups who spend all day with us especially when working on larger pieces or more detailed pieces. The majority of our canvas designs are 2 hours or less, with some designs up to four hours estimated time. If you are working on a project and want to go grab lunch, no problem. There are many great places in the area to walk to for great food. If you want to order food at your table in our studio, we have partnered with some restaurants who will deliver it to your table.

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What are your hours?

We are open every day 10am to 9pm, except Tuesday Noon to 5pm. We recommend that you come to create at least an hour before closing time in order to have time for your project. If you do not finish, we can hold it for you for another visit with a $10 return fee for table (up to four pieces).

We are closed on Easter Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Canvas Painting

Do you have instructor-led canvas painting classes?

Yes. We offer kids classes and adult classes. Check our event calendar to find out about our next class. This is great for people who want the fully instructed experience as well as a great social event. Adult classes are BYOB as well.

Category: Canvas Painting

How does canvas painting work?

No experience necessary. We provide everything you need to create a great painting on canvas or wood board. We have over 400 step-by-step design templates to choose from for kids and adults and each template has a traceable pattern as well as full instructions for each step of the way. Our amazing team members are available to assist and give guidance and we have crafty supplies for extras like glitter, super-fine brushes, paint pens and more. Walk in any time, choose your design, and we will get you all set up for your painting experience.

Category: Canvas Painting

Fused Glass

How does fused glass art work?

Fused glass is a fun option for creating projects that are decorative and/or functional. Using special tools, you can learn to cut glass and layer pieces of cut glass into shapes and designs. With fused glass you can create pendants, coasters, cutting boards, platters, vases, picture frames, sun catchers, decorative pieces and more. We offer classes in fused glass as well as a walk-in DIY option. If you have never cut glass before, we will always give you an intro to the tools and safety and show you how to cut the glass before you begin your project.

Category: Fused Glass

Party Room

Can I bring adult beverages?

Yes.  You may bring adult beverages into our open studio or during an adult party in our private party room. Beer, Wine or Champagne can be brought in and we have corkscrews and bottle openers, so you don’t have to worry about bringing those.

There is also an adjoining store, Next Door Novelties, with beer, wine, sake and mead for purchase.

Do you have a separate party room?

Yes. Our party room is a separate room from the open studio and accommodates up to 35 guests for pottery painting, canvas painting, glass fusing, clay sculpting, glass painting, and more. The room is typically decorated for birthday parties, as that is the most common type of party. However, for other parties and events, we change the decor specific to the occasion. We have a large cabinet full of decor for mom’s groups, bachelorette parties, couples groups, and more. Our parties are typically two hours for kids and three hours for adults. We have a large buffet counter in the party room for food and drink and dessert which you can bring in or have delivered or catered. Additionally, our Chandler location has a large patio for outdoor parties.

Category: Party Room

Can we bring food for a private party?

You are welcome to bring food or have it delivered for your party.  We have a large buffet counter in the Private Party Room to put your food and drinks and dessert on.

If you need recommendations for food delivery options, we are partner with some great restaurants in Downtown Chandler for catering options.  Pizza delivery is always a good choice as well.  Or bring in your own food.

We have plug outlets for warmers as well as a small refrigerator for anything that needs to be kept cold.

How do I book a party in the Private Party Room?

When you are ready to book your party for kids or adults, call us at the studio location preferred and we will get you set up with a $50 deposit and answer any questions you may have about your party.  If you have special requests for pottery shapes or specific art projects, be sure to book your party at least two weeks in advance in order to insure availability of the desired supplies.

Pottery Painting

How much does pottery painting cost?

We have hundreds of pieces on our shelves and they each have a price labeled on the bottom. Our pottery piece prices include painting and firing. There are no additional studio or sitting fees. We do have some specialty glazes (gold and silver luster, snow, etc.) that can be purchased separately. Our pottery pieces range from $5.00 to $150.00 with most pieces priced between $15.00 and $30.00.

Category: Pottery Painting

Can I purchase a piece of pottery that is already painted?

Yes! Our team members paint many pieces for display in the studio and they are all available for sale as well. We also offer custom painted ceramic pieces for you — great for gifts!

Category: Pottery Painting

What if I don’t know how to paint?

No experience is necessary. It’s fun, it’s easy, and we can show you everything you need to know! Plus we have templates, stamps and other tools available for your use.

Category: Pottery Painting

How does painting your own pottery work?

It’s easy! You just pick the pottery piece you want to paint, and we show you how to use the paints and help you with ideas. You leave the finished piece with us and we glaze and fire it for you. We will call you when it is ready (usually about thre to five days),

Category: Pottery Painting

Is the glaze paint food-safe and lead-free? Dishwasher safe?

Yes, All of our paints are non-toxic, lead free, and are food-safe. We encourage hand-washing rather than dishwasher in order to preserve the finish.

Category: Pottery Painting

Wet Clay

Do you sell clay?

Yes. We sell clay by the pound or in 25 pound bags. You can purchase clay from us to create projects at home and then bring them in for us to fire. We typically have in stock high fire b-mix, low fire em-342 and low fire wards red. If you have a specific clay that you would like, we can get any clay that is available.

Category: Wet Clay

I have experience on the wheel, can I come in to use your wheels?

Yes. We have wheel use time whenever we are not having a class. Check our class schedule for class times and walk-in or make a reservation. Saturdays are popular times for open wheel use, so reservations are recommended. Wheel use is $10 per hour and requires basic knowledge of the use of the wheel and centering.

Category: Wet Clay

Do you have clay wheel throwing classes?

Yes. We offer classes for kids and adults on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Every week. We have a fun wine and wheel class for adults, which is great for date night. We offer kids classes for ages 6 to 12. No experience is required and during the class you will learn posture, centering, working with the clay and equipment and create several pieces. Usually, on your first time working on the wheel, you will make bowls. Take additional lessons to advance into vases, pots, cups, and creating handles as well as using tools to create design elements in your pieces.

Category: Wet Clay


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