Meet The Team

  • Cheryl Tisland
    Cheryl Tisland

    Founder & Owner – Industrial Artist specializing in
    Fused Glass, bottle art, and jewelry.

  • Peggy Peters
    Peggy Peters

    Founder & Owner – Specializing in canvas

  • Risa Buglio
    Risa Buglio Customer Service

    TBI Survivor, Daughter of Peggy, Sister of Cheryl and Aunt to Lucas, Risa is an integral member of the team and the reason Burst Of Butterflies was born.

    Risa paints canvas samples, calls guests when pottery is ready, helps with studio organization and supply lists, and much more.

  • Lucas Tisland
    Lucas Tisland General Manager

    Lucas is the son of owner Cheryl Tisland and the General Manager of Burst Of Butterflies Art Studios.  Although Lucas spends most of his time working on the operations the studios, he is also one of our talented clay wheel throwing instructors.

    Lucas brings nine years of clay knowledge and expertise into the classroom understanding that anyone with a desire to learn can pick up wheel throwing. He provides a meditative and existential perspective on the world of clay and believes failure is the foundation from which we build in fact saying “there is no greater teacher than failure”. Throughout the class, Lucas focuses on the technical skill advancement of any and all experience levels and is certainly not afraid to add his quick witted humor into the mix.

    Team Member Since April 2014

  • Marcie Dipple
    Marcie Dipple Studio Manager

    Manages Chandler Studio.

    Fine detail artist with experience in glass
    painting, glazed fused glass painting, fused glass
    and drawing.

    Team Member since March 2015

  • Jordan Dayao
    Jordan Dayao Event Coordinator / Personal Party Assistant

    Specializing in leading groups of both kids and adults.   Coordinates events for Special Needs, Community Groups, and more.

    Exceptional at calligraphy and lettering.

    Team Member since May 2017

  • Megan Clancy
    Megan Clancy Customer Service

    Specializes in canvas painting and clay, and handles customer service and processing fired pieces.

    Hobbies include sculpting with polymer clay, hiking & outdoor activities, and painting with friends.

    She enjoys rainy days, boba tea and good music

    Team Member since June 2020

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis Customer Service

    Drew is a great addition to our Burst Of Butterflies family and does a wonderful job with assisting kids and adults with their creative projects in our open studio.

    Hobbies include painting, drawing and singing and spending time with his dog, Uvlu, who is a Alaskan Malamute.

    Team Member Since December 6, 2020


  • Kelsey Petrosky
    Kelsey Petrosky Clay Specialist

    Kelsey pursues a degree in arts and business, and specializes in clay wheel throwing and hand-building.   She teaches many of the classes at Burst Of Butterflies.   Additionally, Kelsey enjoys leading camps and kids events.

    Hobbies include painting Bob Ross canvases, hanging out with her pooch Horatio, and paddle-boarding at Tempe Town Lake.

    She enjoys vibing in her green house growing plants, napping in her hammock, and anything outdoors.

    Team Member since May 2019

  • Elaine Wilson
    Elaine Wilson Clay Specialist


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