Meet The Team

  • Cheryl Tisland
    Cheryl Tisland

    Founder & Owner – Industrial Artist specializing in
    Fused Glass, bottle art, and jewelry.

  • Peggy Peters
    Peggy Peters

    Founder & Owner – Specializing in canvas

  • Risa Buglio
    Risa Buglio Customer Service

    TBI Survivor, Daughter of Peggy, Sister of Cheryl and Aunt to Lucas, Risa is an integral member of the team and the reason Burst Of Butterflies was born.

    Risa paints canvas samples, calls guests when pottery is ready, helps with studio organization and supply lists, and much more.

  • Lucas Tisland
    Lucas Tisland General Manager

    Lucas is the son of owner Cheryl Tisland and the General Manager of Burst Of Butterflies Art Studios.  Although Lucas spends most of his time working on the operations the studios, he is also one of our talented clay wheel throwing instructors.

    Lucas brings nine years of clay knowledge and expertise into the classroom understanding that anyone with a desire to learn can pick up wheel throwing. He provides a meditative and existential perspective on the world of clay and believes failure is the foundation from which we build in fact saying “there is no greater teacher than failure”. Throughout the class, Lucas focuses on the technical skill advancement of any and all experience levels and is certainly not afraid to add his quick witted humor into the mix.

    Team Member Since April 2014

  • Doug Fortner
    Doug Fortner Studio Maintenance

    Between studio maintenance, landscaping, repairs and overall improvements, my number one priority is making sure the studio looks great and functions well for all our amazing customers!

    I moved here from Georgia, 3 years ago. Some of my interests & hobbies include listening to multiple genres of music/ watching movies, series, documentaries (especially comedy and historical) / watching sports on TV and in person / driving or flying to new places/ growing plants/ playing putt putt and visiting amusement parks.

  • Bella Eberhardt
    Bella Eberhardt Clay and Production Manager

    My career goal is to be a full time ceramic artist and I would like to be part of Burst of Butterflies as long as possible. Additionally, I have a small studio in my garage where I make and sell my own pottery.
    In my spare time, I enjoy painting canvas at home. I also love taking my dog on hikes and adventures through the city.
    As an artist, I believe that we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

    Team Member Since June 2021

  • Drew Davis
    Drew Davis Studio Manager, Media and Communications

    My experience with marketing, social media, and event planning at Burst of Butterflies has grown so much in the year I have been here and I’m excited for whats to come! Im always looking for new speciality events or classes that we could bring to the studio.

    In my free time I’m either reading (a lot), writing, or binge watching tv shows.

    Team Member Since June 2021

  • Natalie Mikszta
    Natalie Mikszta Studio Manager, Event Coordinator

    Some of my goals are to continue adding on creative events here at Burst of Butterflies. I also want to continue to gain more exposure on how art and the creative process has a positive impact on mental health.

    I have a BA in psychology and a minor in studio art, my goal is to become a license professional therapist using art therapy to help patients. I am a painter mostly working on canvas but also trying to expand to murals, as well as a weaver of tapestries and textiles that I learned at ASU. In my spare time I love cooking and playing with my dog Ozzy Pawsborne.

    Team Member Since March 2021

  • Crimson Reidburn
    Crimson Reidburn Shift Lead, Clay Wheel Instructor

    My name is Crimson aka Crimmy. I am a shift lead here at Burst of Butterflies, but mostly I teach ceramics on the wheel here for our studio. My next goal is to learn all I can about our wonderful kilns and kiln maintenance. My favorite art form is acrylic painting in Andy Warhol style!

  • Taryn Bailey
    Taryn Bailey Assistant Manager / Clay & Production Specialist

    I’m excited to teach wheel classes to show people how much fun working with clay can be! Pottery is such a rewarding experience, from making your piece, to glazing it, then taking home a piece you can use. Before working here I was only experienced in hand building, making cute little creatures, it is so exciting to be able to teach people how to use the wheel!

    I just recently moved to Arizona so I have really loved exploring and trying new places to eat. I also love hanging out with my puppy and listening to music (indie pop is my favorite!)

  • Marcie Dipple
    Marcie Dipple Shift Lead, Customer Service

    Marcie has been a dedicated member of the Burst Of Butterflies team since we opened in 2015. Over the years, Marcie has developed into an exceptional glass artist being the teacher for most of our glass classes.

    As a long-term friend of Lucas Tisland, Marcie truly knows what it means to be a part of our creative family and how to provide a fun and creative experience for all of our guests.

    Team Member since March 2015

  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang Customer Service

    Some of my goals I have while working at Burst of Butterflies is to ensure customers feel at ease and inspired, and to encourage their creativity to flow freely while having an enjoyable experience. I also want to provide any assistance and support whenever they need so they end up with a piece of art they love.

    My hobbies and interest include creating portraits and experimenting with various art mediums, as well as engaging in crafts such as crocheting and sewing. Additionally I love spending time with friends and family.

  • Georgia Gibbs
    Georgia Gibbs Customer Service, Clay Wheel Instructor

    Working here has provided me with a great opportunity to grow and learn in this field. I take great joy in knowing that so many people come here with loved ones, as well as sometimes just by themselves, to spend time with us. It is my goal to put a smile on their faces by making the studio as enjoyable for them as possible!

    My interests include traveling and photography, thrifting, sewing, and of course pottery! Spending time with my favorite people and enjoying good laughs, as well as many other activities available to me that our beautiful world has to offer!

    Team member since May 2023

  • Kelsey Krall
    Kelsey Krall Customer Service, Clay Wheel Instructor

    I have considered myself to be an artist since I was a little girl, and now that I am in my adulthood, I cherish this part of me. I believe exploring your creative side is important no matter what age you are at, and I feel very lucky to be at Burst of Butterflies to help others achieve their artistic goals. My favorite thing at Burst of Butterflies is teaching the little ones different art techniques, then later witnessing them in turn teach their parents the things they just learned. You are never too old to create art!

    Outside of the studio, I am a student at Arizona State University in the school of molecular science. I like to balance the stress of school by working on my own personal art projects. My favorite mediums to work with are oil paints, high fire ceramics, and yarn. I am always interested in learning new things, and my interests range from entomology to video games and everything in between. Please stop by the studio and say hi some time; thanks for reading!

  • Valeria Guerrero
    Valeria Guerrero Customer Service

    Working at an art studio has been my dream since I was a little kid, so I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to work at Burst of Butterflies! It brings me a lot of joy to see friends and families visit the studio to spend time together by doing art. It is my goal to provide assistance, tips, and recommendations to anyone who needs them and to eventually become a certified wheel instructor!

    I have a lot of art related hobbies including drawing, painting, and printmaking; additionally I love doing ceramics! Some of my other interests are playing the guitar, crocheting, photography and community service.

    Team Member since August 2023


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