Spring Camp 2024 – Art Medley and Mud Week

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Spring Art Camp 2024 was an incredible two weeks, we are always so proud and impressed over all that our students can create in each session they attend. Over the course of these two immersive weeks, our budding artists had the opportunity to explore and expand their creative horizons under the guidance of our expert instructors!

During the first week, Art Medley, students delve into a diverse array of mediums, including canvas painting, pottery painting, clay hand-building, and more. At the beginning of each day our talented instructors go through an in depth lesson on color theory, glazing basics, how to hand build with clay and more.

The second week, Mud Week, is centered entirely on the enchanting world of clay! Students will embark on a hands-on journey, learning the fundamentals of hand-building techniques, mastering the delicate art of pottery throwing on the wheel, and gaining invaluable insights into the inner workings of our kilns. Through engaging demonstrations and interactive sessions, students will learn and practice all the basics of clay!

With each day brimming with inspiration and creativity, our art camp promise to ignite the imaginations of young artists and foster a lifelong passion with creativity!

Our 2024 Summer Camp is now launched, with six different themed weeks, donโ€™t miss out on the early bird discount and grab your spot today!


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