Who Let The Bugs Out?! – Summer Camp 2023

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We completed another great week of our Summer Art Camp! This weeks theme was Who Let The Bugs Out?! Themed all about bugs! Students worked with a variety of art mediums including acrylic painting, art journaling, watercolor, clay, pottery painting, wood board painting, polymer clay, and more!



Students did an amazing job at following step by step instructions while painting these large 11×14 canvas!

Starting with the background, they learned how to blend and mix colors. Then moving onto the middle ground adding detail, and finally onto the foreground where they learned how to add highlights.

Before each art project we go over a mini lesson to give the students a better understanding of what they are working with. Before acrylic painting, we go over color theory as well as different painting techniques such as dry brushing, stippling, creating a gradient, and more!

All of our art medley camps end the week with our Celebration Art Walk! Students art work is displayed on our back patio. Together we walk through and appreciate their beautiful work! Once parents arrive, kids can show them what they completed this week!

Thank you to parents and students for another great week! This was our last and final week of art medley camps. The next three weeks of summer camp are all Mud Week – all about working with clay!

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