Mush Love – Summer Camp 2023

 In Summer Camp

We had another great week of Summer Camp 2023! Thank you to everyone who joined us for our “Mush Love” week all about mushrooms! Students worked with acrylic paint, watercolors, polymer clay, wood boards, mosaics and more!

This weeks polymer projects students learned how to create and shape mushrooms, then glued them to wooden boards and added moss, flowers, and other multimedia elements making the cutest wooden mushroom magnets!

On the third day of camp, students tackled their biggest project. Painting 11×14 canvas! They followed along with their instructor going step by step through all the techniques on how to paint this neon snail with mushrooms!

At the end of all of our summer camps we put on an end of camp celebration art walk! We have all the students finished projects displayed on out back patio so parents, friends, and family can see their beautiful creations!

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