Birds of A Feather – Summer Camp 2023

 In Summer Camp

We had a great start to this years Summer Camp! Our first week of camp started with the Birds of A Feather, Art Medley week. Students learned all about different types of birds while working with different mediums of art!

The first day of camp students learned all about clay. They created slab projects and learned the importance of scoring, slipping, and attaching. Our instructors went over the entire clay journey, starting with creating a pieces, the importance of it being bone dry before being fired in our kilns, and lastly how to glaze pieces.

The following days revolved all around painting, both with acrylic on canvas and also watercolor! Students learned different techniques for blending, and the process of painting the background, middle ground and foreground.

Other projects revolved all around the use of multi media! Students painted bird houses and added mosaic tiles, buttons, rhinestones, etc.

One the last day of camp students displayed their finished artwork in our Art Walk! Parents, family, and friends joined at the end to see all the beautiful finished projects. Thank you to all the parents and students who joined us for the first week of Summer Camp 2023! We hope to see you again this summer!

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