Spring Art Camp 2023 – Art Medley

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Thank you to all the students for joining us this week for Spring Camp – Art Medley! We had an amazing and talented group of students in both the morning session, and afternoon session.

Students worked with a variety of art mediums including clay hand-building, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, art journaling, wood board painting, pottery painting, polymer clay, multi-media art and more! We are always so proud and impressed by students and their  individual creativity in each project they complete.

On day one students learned the basics of working with clay! Our instructors went over the complete clay journey. Students learned to create slab clay impression dishes by pressing flowers and leaves into soft clay. Next the pieces were dried completely before going into the kiln. These pieces needed a few days to be fired and cooled completely and were painted on the last day of camp!


At the beginning of each day our instructors included a mini lesson in correlation with the days project. Our first lesson of day two was all about color theory. Students went over primary colors, secondary colors, analogous colors, and complementary colors. They also learned techniques in mixing colors to create a tint, tone, and shade. Students then worked with acrylic paint to start their magical forest wood boards! Once the paint was dry, they added a multi- media affect by adding moss, and flowers!


Students also built their very own magical terrariums! They worked with polymer clay, learning how to mold and create shapes as well securing and attaching pieces. Once the polymer was baked students added rocks, moss, and fake succulents to create these magical mini terrariums.


The third day of camp was Bob Ross day! Students painted large 11×14 canvas and followed detailed instructions in a Bob Ross style instruction day. They learned all about priming their canvas, making a wash, blending colors, and the process of painting the background, middle ground and foreground. Our instructors were extremely impressed with the students ability to follow instruction and tackle this big project! They were thrilled with the results!


To end the week students learned about painting wood board and working with mosaic tiles. The theme of Spring Camp revolved around nature, mushrooms, and all types of plants! Students painted detailed mushroom houses and practiced gluing tiles to create a mosaic/multi media effect!


To end an amazing week we celebrated with an Art Walk on the back patio! Students work was lined up on display to showcase their incredible and unique projects. They also each filled out an ‘About The Artist’ handout to attach to their work.

First, students lined up to walk through and view all their friends pieces. Later, parents arrived to also experience the art walk and see all that was created in this years Art Medley Camp!

Thank you to parents and students for another amazing Spring Camp! We are so proud of all that you accomplished and hope to see you back for Summer Camp!

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