Spring Art Camp 2023 – Mud Week

 In Kids Camp

Thank you to all the students for joining us this week for Spring Camp – Mud Week! We had an amazing and talented group of students in both the morning session, and afternoon session.

Students this week learned all about the techniques of working with clay! This camp included both learning how to hand build with clay and how to use the pottery wheel. We are always so proud and impressed by students and their individual creativity in each project they complete!

At the beginning of each day, our camp instructors went over all the basics of clay. Students learned all about the clay journey, how pieces start as wet clay, then need to be completely dried to a bone dry state, then are fired in our kilns! Once these pieces are fired they are then ready for painting!

Students will receive all their mud week pieces a week after camp once they are fully dried, fired, and ready for painting!

Some of the projects for this years nature themed spring camp included a tree trunk pencil holder, a flower pressed slab mug, a pinch pot mushroom house, a slab pocket planter, and a wheel thrown pitcher. Students learned the importance of scoring, slipping, and attaching when it came to adding details to their clay pieces.

Students also had to chance to go on the wheel 3 out of the 4 days of camp. They learned the each step one day at a time, starting with how to center clay, how to open and pull walls and lastly making a final finished piece!

As a last day of camp celebration students painted terracotta pots on the patio! We can’t wait for students to get all their finished pieces back and start the glazing process. Thank you for another great Spring Camp!


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