Art Types

Painting on canvas

Welcome to the art of fun. Just grab a few of your favorite people, a bottle of wine or other beverage, and come on down for some great step-by-step tutorage with our experienced local artists. You’ll be surprised when you discover the talent that you thought you never had, and leave with a unique personal creation that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Painting Pottery

Burst of Butterflies has hundreds of pieces of ceramic bisque ready for you to paint. Bring a friend or a date or a group and pick out the perfect piece ready for you to personalize and make your own. Great for all ages. We also offer birthday parties, group events, team-building events and more. Call us to book your event and we will supply everything you need.

Fused Glass art

Fused Glass is an exciting and fun new art form that has been rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s simple to learn and fun to do. In our classes, you will learn to create beautiful masterpieces by cutting and fusing glass into place. We will then fire your artwork in our kiln to melt the pieces together to form your finished art. If you like, we can double fire your artwork to shape it into a specific mold to become a bowl, or vase. Bending and shaping pieces of glass to form artwork is exciting and fun. You will be amazed at what you will be able to create, and will be proud to display your elegant art in your home.

Wet Clay

Would you like to learn to hand build clay figurines, statues or other clay art? We offer a great hand-building clay class. Additionally, we have clay wheel throwing classes for kids and adults. You can also rent time on our wheels for throwing clay and we sell clay by the pound. Spend your time at our shop building your creation and we will fire it for you. Leave the mess and equipment to us.


Upcycling is a fun and innovative way to be creative with items that you would normally throw away. This is great for the environment as well as a nice social gathering with friends leaving with a clever item utilizing items you may not have thought of previously.

Tile Mosaics

Glass or Tile mosaics are fun and functional. You can create stepping stone tiles for the yard, trivets for your hot pans off the stove, decorative items and more.

Our classes step you through everything you need to create your masterpiece and we provide all of the safety equipment as well.


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Wet Clay

Fused Glass


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