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Get your hands in the clay!

Start with a lump of clay and your hands and other tools, and create bowls, cups, vases, figurines, decor and more.


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Clay Handbuilding FAQs

Do you sell clay?

Yes. We sell clay by the pound or in 25 pound bags. You can purchase clay from us to create projects at home and then bring them in for us to fire. We typically have in stock high fire b-mix, low fire em-342 and low fire wards red. If you have a specific clay that you would like, we can get any clay that is available.

Category: Wet Clay

I have experience on the wheel, can I come in to use your wheels?

Yes. We have wheel use time whenever we are not having a class. Check our class schedule for class times and walk-in or make a reservation. Saturdays are popular times for open wheel use, so reservations are recommended. Wheel use is $10 per hour and requires basic knowledge of the use of the wheel and centering.

Category: Wet Clay

Do you have clay wheel throwing classes?

Yes. We offer classes for kids and adults on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Every week. We have a fun wine and wheel class for adults, which is great for date night. We offer kids classes for ages 6 to 12. No experience is required and during the class you will learn posture, centering, working with the clay and equipment and create several pieces. Usually, on your first time working on the wheel, you will make bowls. Take additional lessons to advance into vases, pots, cups, and creating handles as well as using tools to create design elements in your pieces.

Category: Wet Clay

What if I don’t know how to paint?

No experience is necessary. It’s fun, it’s easy, and we can show you everything you need to know! Plus we have templates, stamps and other tools available for your use.

Category: Pottery Painting

How does painting your own pottery work?

It’s easy! You just pick the pottery piece you want to paint, and we show you how to use the paints and help you with ideas. You leave the finished piece with us and we glaze and fire it for you. We will call you when it is ready (usually about thre to five days),

Category: Pottery Painting

Is the glaze paint food-safe and lead-free? Dishwasher safe?

Yes, All of our paints are non-toxic, lead free, and are food-safe. We encourage hand-washing rather than dishwasher in order to preserve the finish.

Category: Pottery Painting


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