There’s blood on our hands….

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In case you missed our clay-tacular Halloween, our hands got dirty and the blood was everywhere…

Who’s blood? Well that’s not important but it certainly helped make some bloody clay bowls!

Everyone from beginners to experienced throwers had a great time diving into a creepier side of clay that sent shivers down their spine. From the eerie darkness of the room to the unsettling ambience of the music; it truly was a haunting experience.

The Ceramic Artist leading this event, Lucas Tisland, being a horror movie enthusiast said “I really wanted to take the elements of horror that are deeply unsettling to me and put them into this experience.” but this event was not for the faint-hearted and most guests had no idea who was hidden behind the mask. Lucas continued saying “I had fun watching the pure terror my students were feeling through my mask. It was like I got to be the horror movie monster for a day.”

Check out this event next year when Halloween comes again and join in the frightful experience.


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